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This patient presented with symptoms of acidity, hard and unsatisfactory stool and was overweight with weight 82 kg.  On consultation it was found there were many dietary discretions and he was sedentary in his lifestyle. After thorough case taking he was prescribed homoeopathic medicines along with some small yet very useful lifestyle measures. He was asked to come back after 15 days. When he came to the clinic he was so happy, and the major cause of his happiness was that he is able to freshen up very nicely. While conversing with him, he could not resist saying, “I am so happy, my stool is better now, now I feel the hunger for food”. He was following the suggestions very well. Gradually he started losing excess of the fat too . Here we can see a combined effect of medicine and lifestyle measures which has helped him and yes definitely, his determination in following the suggestion has a much important role in getting the amazing results .
A 60 year old male visited the clinic with the complain of newly onset vertigo while turning the head, especially while lying down. This he started experiencing since last 1 week and there was no prior complaint like this. No pathology was found on investigations. It was only while the case taking a small error (which he was quite habitual to) was found in his routine which he was following posts his retirement since last 6-7 months. Medications were prescribed, he was asked to discontinue that habit and all was well within few days. In this case there was a “maintenance cause “which was going un-noticed, and once found and removed and combined with the right medicine, the symptoms never recurred again.
This is a case of 30 year old male patient who was suffering from IBS for the past 2 years. The presenting symptoms were multiple loose stools in a day with blood. As a result he was losing weight also. By this time he has underwent colonoscopy 2 times and both the reports showed no pathology. He was tired of all the treatments and literally said when he visited to me “ chalo yahan se bhi try kar lete hain “ .After prescribing the medicines and suggesting changes in diet and lifestyle he was asked to follow up after a week . He was little satisfied with the frequency of stool which has now lessened and but still blood streaked.  Next week, follow up : there was occasional blood streaked  stool and frequency was 2 times a day . He was much satisfied this time. This time he also told about his past medical history of herpes 2 years ago and that he took multiple medicines and after this only this IBS issue started, also that he has urticarial eruptions since then daily for which he takes cetirizine .Medicine was prescribed based on this past medical history and he next time came saying “this time no blood in stool, frequency also fine and had to take cetirizine only once in week.
This is a 17 year old girl. Diagnosed with hypothyroidism at the age of 12 and was gaining weight due to that. She presented with severe acne eruptions with pus formation all over the face and upper back.  As its quite common for children in this age group to have cravings for junk food /bakery items,  she too was very fond of without even realising that this excess use of all these is the major cause of the hormonal imbalance she was having . She was convinced to have them in moderation which she agreed to and was prescribed the medicines. Gradually all the acne eruptions got cured and with time there were no scar marks either.
This patient who recently developed a big wart on his upper eyelid. This was not of more than 1 month duration and he hasn’t applied any harsh chemicals on it to remove it. He was amazed to see the wart shed off in 1 month of the treatment. Since the wart was of recent origin and untouched by any chemicals we got good results within a very short period of time. Be then he came with his father who was having wart on upper lip since 20 years. He had applied some ointment to it to burn it off multiple times and then it recurred. With medicines, size of the wart gradually decreased but the treatment duration was longer than it was in the case of his son.
The purpose of writing down this case is that the duration of illness matters in a case for the cure to happen.
I was having the problem of sinus and I consulted Dr priyanka about this , so she recommended me the medicine for 15 days but I started feeling better in One week only . I recommend you to consult her ,she is very nice and polite ☺️
Im very much satisfied with the homeopathic treatment. Fever,pain in gums,cough and cold small injuries muscular pain etc can b treated very effectively. It's all due to the wise thoughtful and concerned treatment of dr. Priyanka mangla and effective medicine of homeopathy!! Thnx a lot this pathy which treats without pain
The journey so far with my coach Dr. Priyanka Mangla has been a great learning experience. She believes in holistic lifestyle changes and guides how to swiftly incorporate them in day to day life without building up any pressure. Under her guidance I was able to adopt several new eating habits and improved the already existing ones with the right combinations of food groups. Exercise became an integral part of my routine due to her encouragement and I am heading towards my health goals steadily. She is always available and suggests and answers queries giving detailed insights about how our body works and responds to various things and habits. I wish to continue on the same lines loose some more weight and gain health.